Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cake Recipe


Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in America! We live in an International community, so for my hubby’s Thanksgiving celebration at work (he teaches in an American section of a French school) the staff took a dish to share for their buffet lunch today. Of course I was happy to help him make something (i.e. bake it for him) with a Thanksgiving theme!

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Healthy kids’ snacks from Urbaine


We recently had a lovely time at the launch of URBAINE, a fabulous collection of products, including British kids’ snacks, that are available to buy here on the Riviera. I still miss the packets of healthy kids snacks that you can buy in the UK – they are so convenient to take out and about – so I’m really pleased that URBAINE are making some of these available over here. Read more

Back to school sugar-free flapjacks


We find getting ready for preschool in the morning very rushed…and that includes breakfast! It’s tempting to grab a croissant or pain chocolat for breakfast on the go, but I would feel a bit guilty about that so I’ve been looking for healthier alternatives. I want my Petit Garçon to eat something that will give him energy for the whole morning…and a lot quicker to eat than a bowl of cereal.

With the slow release energy of oats our sugar-free flapjacks are a great way to start the day, along with a glass of milk, or they can be enjoyed as an after school snack (goûter). We have fun baking this easy recipe together, especially on a Sunday afternoon so the flapjacks are ready for the week ahead. These are something the whole family can enjoy! Read more