We’re an ordinary family doing something a little extraordinary! For years my hubby and I dreamed of living in the South of France, and in September 2015, we took the plunge and left the UK with our nearly three year old son to give it a go. Over a few months we left our jobs, packed up or sold our stuff, and said our sad goodbyes.

We feel very blessed to now be living and working (my hubby got a job teaching in a French school’s Anglophone department) in a town between Cannes and Grasse, with Nice and Antibes close by. As we’ve discovered, there’s nothing simple about moving to France, but with a lot of determination (and a very supportive family!) we are making our dream come true.

Friends and family have asked for updates on our big adventure, so I thought I’d start this blog (which I hope is interesting to other expats too). I’ll also be sharing good places-to-go and fun things-to-do with kids on the French Riviera as we discover them.

I love taking photos of beautiful things, French food, Provençal buildings…so you’ll see a lot of these on my blog and social media. When he’s not at preschool, my Petit Garçon enjoy spending time together and we love creating craft, baking, building lego, exploring playgrounds, making friends…and learning French!

Since we moved to France I have been freelancing as a Website Copywriter and Social Media Manager, using my experience of over 15 years of working in online media. If you’d like to work with me please get in touch via my contact form or email rivieramama@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!

Jenny (aka Riviera Mama)