Eagle’s nest views & lavender ice cream

View from La Taverne Provencale, Gourdon

To celebrate our one year Anniversary in France we chose a special place for a family lunch with spectacular views of the Cote d’Azur. Known as “The Eagle’s Nest”, the village of Gourdon sits at the top of a cliff and from there you can see over the valley and the River Loup, to Nice and across to Theoule – a long way!

Gourdon is in the mountains, 31 km from Cannes and 14 km from Grasse – to get there you have to drive up a winding road with a sheer drop next to it, which I admit made me a little scared (in comparison to my Petit Garçon who found it fun)…however, the of promise of lavender ice cream made it worth it!

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