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We recently had a lovely time at the launch of URBAINE, a fabulous collection of products, including British kids’ snacks, that are available to buy here on the Riviera. I still miss the packets of healthy kids snacks that you can buy in the UK – they are so convenient to take out and about – so I’m really pleased that URBAINE are making some of these available over here.

URBAINE was started by expats Jane and Tony who want to share some of the stylish, cool and tasty things that they love from England or have discovered, subsequently on their journeys. They say, “Our products have been carefully selected and we only plan to offer you ones that we, ourselves, are passionate about. We hope that you’ll feel the same about them as we do!”

It was great to see a couple of brands we already know like Organix and Munchy Seeds and discover some new ones like Humzingers. My Petit Garcon enjoyed browsing the colourful display and taste-testing a few treats like chocolate coated apricot bits!

His favourite treats were multi-coloured the ‘Fruit Strings’ (by The Fruit Factory) made with real fruit. These are lots of fun to eat as they are very long and stretchy! A much healthier treat than the usual Haribro sweets you see everywhere, these are the kind of snacks I’m happy to take on journeys or pop in the lunch box.


On our arrival we picked up a fresh strawberry juice from ‘The Juice Box’ – a cute vintage van that serves coffee, wraps, soups, juices and cake. It was lovely to bump into friends here who recommended the wraps for lunch.

I enjoyed looking at the pretty home wares and accessories, such as dishes and teapots, leather bags, pretty bracelets, that were stylishly displayed inside and outside  – and I even got a few gift ideas for Christmas! Also on display were delicious Rococo Chocolates, Belvoir Elderflower Cordial, and beautifully packaged tins of tea leaves by Rare Tea Co.


The URBAINE collection is available to buy online, and also in Valbonne (06560 France) where, if you want to you can collect your orders personally. They also run occasional “Open House” days so that you can see, feel and taste our products for yourselves at their beautiful home.

The next “Open House” event is Thursday 20th October! And don’t forget to look out for their Christmas event in November. You can find out more information, about “Open House” dates or Fairs on the URBAINE Facebook page.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post, but a personal post about products I am interested in and enjoy.

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  1. Mmm! Tried some of these yummy products. Easy to buy online and so beautifully packaged too. So looking forward to the Christmas event in November. Thanks Jane and Tony!

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