Back to school sugar-free flapjacks


We find getting ready for preschool in the morning very rushed…and that includes breakfast! It’s tempting to grab a croissant or pain chocolat for breakfast on the go, but I would feel a bit guilty about that so I’ve been looking for healthier alternatives. I want my Petit Garçon to eat something that will give him energy for the whole morning…and a lot quicker to eat than a bowl of cereal.

With the slow release energy of oats our sugar-free flapjacks are a great way to start the day, along with a glass of milk, or they can be enjoyed as an after school snack (goûter). We have fun baking this easy recipe together, especially on a Sunday afternoon so the flapjacks are ready for the week ahead. These are something the whole family can enjoy!

Previously, I have often used a low-sugar oat bar recipe by Annabel Karmel, but having recently reduced our sugar intake I have been trying out various sugar-free versions. Most of the recipes I’ve tried crumble apart in your hand or use too much golden syrup as a substitute. Luckily, I have now found a good solution that holds the oats together and still tastes sweet – by using honey and dates. We like adding some crunch and goodness with sunflower seeds, which by the way have a great name in French – graines de tournesol.



200 g unsalted butter (buerre doux)
250 ml honey (miel)
150 g chopped dates (dattes)
400 g porridge oats (flocons l’avoine)
80 g desiccated coconut (noix de coco desséchée)
30 g sunflower seeds (graines de tournesol)


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C Fan/Gas 4. Line a 30 x 20cm tin with baking paper.
2. Put the butter, honey and dates in a saucepan over a low heat. Melt them together, crushing the dates with a wooden spoon so they break up into the butter and honey and get all squidgy.
3. In a large mixing bowl stir in the oats, coconut and sunflower seeds and mix thoroughly. Pour in the liquid ingredients and mix well.
4. Pack the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 20–25 minutes until golden brown. The flapjacks will still seem soft at this point, but don’t worry they will go firm as they cool.
5. Remove the tin from the oven and immediately score the surface into about 15 squares. Leave the flapjack to cool in the tin, then cut it into squares. They smell so yummy!


I hope you find this sugar-free recipe useful and if you make them let me know what you think? If you know of any other delicious sugar-free recipes please share in the comments below.

Happy baking!

6 thoughts on “Back to school sugar-free flapjacks

  1. Have to say these are the yummiest flapjacks ever!
    Nutritious, great texture and in an airtight container last all week!
    Great , recipe and presentation!

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